Why should I hire a termite control inspection pro to check for termites?
Areas that seem fine to you will reveal themselves as potential entries to a termite control pro.  The Ant-Ser Man will provide a thorough inspection can also give you tips for keeping your home termite -free, long term.
Schedule an appointment and you’ll get an email from your pro to confirm the date, time, and other details. Please provide any relevant details regarding to your termite control needs.
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What’s included with termite inspection service?
  • Termite control inspection of home for activity
  • Written report of current and potential termite entries
  • Recommendations for termite exclusion and removal
  • Termite removal, exclusion, and repair work are not included
  • A Certified Entomologist with specific training as a first responder


The Ant-Ser Man is a Certified Entomologist who knows what attracts Termites. The inspection will determine the treatment.


After the thorough Interior and Exterior Termite Inspection Treatment can begin. The Ant-Ser Man is Professional that will determine the best method of treatment.


The Result of the thorough Inspection and Treatment of the Interior and Exterior of the Residence will determine future methods of continued protection.


Maintaining a Termite Free Residence can be a Challenge. The Ant-Ser Man will determine the appropriate methods of maintaining a termite free residence.

This Four Step Method will provide peace of mind for You and Your Family.  Termites can cause Tremendous Damage to not only your Home but also Your Investment.  Take Action Today By Calling The Ant-Ser Man Today at (941)-877-0392

Experience the pinnacle of pest protection with Ant-Ser’s Termite Exterminator. With a rich history spanning 32 years, this professional service is your ultimate ally in termite treatment and control. As certified entomologists, our expertise is unparalleled, enabling us to eliminate insect infestations effectively, be it ants, roaches, or termites. Tailored to meet your unique needs, our reliable and efficient services ensure your property remains a pest-free haven. Choose Ant-Ser, your trusted termite control company for a safe and serene environment.

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