What’s Included with Rodent Control Inspection Service?

  • Rodent Control Inspection of home for rodent activity
  • Written report of current and potential rodent entries
  • Recommendations for rodent exclusion and removal
  • Rodent removal, exclusion and repair work not included.
  • A Certified Entomologist with specific training as a first responder.


Why Should I Hire a Rodent Control Inspection Pro to Check Rodents? Call 941-877-0329 Today!

If you’re concerned you might have a rodent, squirrel, raccoon, opossum or skunk issue – or you know you have one – There’s nothing better for peace of mind than bringing in a rodent control inspection pro.  Locating points of entries, extermination and prevention will keep your home or business rodent free!

Areas that seem fine to you will reveal themselves as potential rodent entries to a rodent control pro.  A rodent control pro can also give you tips for keeping your home rodent-free, long term!



Interior and Exterior inspection around home or business.


Rodent exclusion


Written report of current and potential entries and prevention.


Rodent exclusion maintenance to maintain peace of mind.

What Happens Next?

You’ll get an email from your rodent control pro at Ant-Ser.org to confirm the date, time and other details.  Please provide any relevant details regarding your rodent control needs.

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