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Many bugs are a nuisance and can be dealt with quickly when you call a pest control company.  Bed bugs are a different story.  

Bed bugs can be a very severe problem.  Since 2001 there has been an explosion in Bed Bug population in Florida.  This increase is alarming  and disturbing.  Alarming in that the increase proves the truth about Bed Bugs and why the increase is disturbing.  Bed Bugs are becoming more resistant to generic and commercial pest control methods.  Pest control methods that worked in the past no longer combat the current bed bug population.

When resistance to current pest control methods no longer work, the population increases without hindrance.  The population will continue to explode and will become more difficult to combat or even exterminate.

Few insects raise more red flags than bed bugs.  Often mentioned with a whisper, as when news gets out that there is a bed bug problem it travels fast.  Reputations can be ruined and damaged almost indefinitely.

Action must be taken immediately!

Do Not Delay!

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Bed Bugs are not only found in Beds.  They can spread rapidly to any other location of the home or business.  They continue to multiply rapidly and will spread to any location where they can still feed.  

This is why early detection and extermination is critical!

The sooner the problem is found and dealt with, the quicker the infestation is contained.  Taking quick action is critical to reducing the spread of the population.  Most common chemicals will no longer work on the new generation of Bed Bugs.   Not only can it be a waste of time, it can be a huge waste of money.  Spending money on pest control that is no longer effective and will not stop the spread of the infestation only delays the inevitable spread of the bugs.

The Ant-Ser Man has a proven track record of defeating Bed Bugs here in Florida.  Combating the infestation takes knowledge and determination.  Many times people call the Ant-Ser Man after spending money on other pest control companies that can not rid the location of the bugs.  The Ant-Ser Man is your Ant-Ser for Bed Bugs.

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Inspection will be thorough and can be completed quickly. Do Not Delay. Fast detection will be key in reducing and eradicating the pest population


Acting quickly is critical. The Method is the key in getting rid of the population. The Ant-Ser Man has a proven track record of successfully ridding locations of Bed Bugs.


Bed Bugs have an additional challenge. The eggs can continue to survive and hatch. The population can return before you are aware of it.


Monitoring the location for any new Bed Bugs in very important. Early detection and extermination in an important part of Maintenance.

Do Not Delay!

A quick inspection can make all the difference when it comes to Bed Bugs.  They spread quickly and the eggs can hatch months later and re-infest the location.

The Ant-Ser Man is a Professional Entomologist and Pest Control Specialist.  He is the person people call when all others fail.  

Call 941-877-0329 Today! Take Control of your Bed Bug Problem Immediately!

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