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Ant-Ser Pest Control: Safety & Comfort To Your Business


Integrated Pest Management

Our management staff expertly coordinates pest control orders to avoid any delays andprovide safe extermination.

Restaurant Pest Control

There is literally no chance for pests to survive at your restaurants' kitchen!

Service Documentation

We give you instructions for safety measures that you must follow at your office

Commercial & Business Pest Control

Commercial Properties and Business have different Pest Control needs than Residential pest control.  

Ant-Ser Pest Control Service provides Professional Pest Control for Commercial properties such as Restaurants, hotels, motels  and More.   We understand the importance of pest control to your business.  It only takes on bad bug to damage your reputation.  We specialize in locating and eradicating common pests, such as bed bugs that can ruin your businesses reputation.  Many commercial properties call us after admitting the “other company” couldn’t eradicate the pests.  We are happy to oblige and Solve your pest problem.

Pests can hurt your reputation, disrupt your day-to-day operations and result in local regulatory fines.  Ant-Ser Pest Control will protect your business, reputation and your bottom line. 

Comprehensive Pest Removal

We get results – guaranteed – and one of the many reasons behind our high level of efficiency is our Quality Assurance Department, which performs random audits to make sure Comfort Pest Control is living up to our own high standards by monitoring key quality control factors.

Find the “Ant-ser” to your pest problems and contact The Ant-Ser Man Today!

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